OLRM Rosary Maker's Forum Guidelines

By posting on this board you agree to follow the guidlines listed here.

OLRM Rosary Maker's Forum Guidelines

Postby OLRM » Mon Feb 12, 2007 11:08 am

Our Lady's Rosary Makers is a Catholic Apostolate dedicated to spreading the Gospel through the Divine Heart of Mary. All posters on this board are asked to post in a manor acceptable to the traditions of our Christian faith.

While the vast majority of posters on this board will find these rules to be a given, we feel that there are a few things that we should specifically point out.

By Posting on this board you agree to follow the following guidlines:

No Personal Attacks - Personal attacks towards ANYONE will not be tolerated. This includes both posters, staff, and people not on these boards.

No Bigotry - Posts containing racial, sexual, ethnic or religious slurs will be promptly deleted. Posts with these slurs will be considered cause for banishment. Discrimination and/or bigotry will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

No Spam - No spam (posts containing advertising) is allowed without permission from OLRM staff.

No Profanity - Obscene language and/or graphics are not acceptable.

No Copyrighted Material - Do not post copyrighted material on any forum without providing a link to the original source. All other publications' works are copyrighted. If you wish to discuss material from an outside source you must post the URL of the material.

Violation of any of these guidlines is cause for banishment from the forum.

If you suspect someone of violating these guidelines please report them immediately through the email link below.
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