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Postby David Ford » Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:58 am

Hello Rosary Makers,

I just wanted to address an issue that was brought up by one of our message board members to me recently. Apparently hundreds of private messages were sent out to our members from user feliy02. She was speaking about having a large sum of money that she wanted to give away to a worthy Christian recipient. Long story short, this message is a scam. I believe that I have gone through and deleted all of the messages, but just in case I haven't, please delete/disregard it on your own. I have also banned that user.

For future reference, if you ever see a post or receive a private message that looks at all like spam, a scam, includes inappropriate language, etc., please let me or somebody at Our Lady's Rosary Makers know as soon as possible. I will investigate the matter and take the appropriate actions. We do our best to keep these things out, but it can be difficult with only checking the forum a couple times a week.

Hopefully no more problems occur, but again, if anything looks suspicious, it would be best to ask about it first.

David Ford
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