my miracles

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my miracles

Postby tinette » Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:32 pm

I would like to share how our mother has helped me during my life.
3 yrs ago I was addicted to meth and had been for 13 yrs.I was born and raised catholic but had been fallen away for 20 yrs.I prayed the rosary one night because a friend of mine had overdosed on pills because they took her children away from her for meth related stuff.She was in a coma in the hospital and was showing no brain activity.As soon as I heard I got out my old rosary and prayed very ferverently for her to come back for her childrens sake.I begged Jesus to give her a second chance.Three days later she opened her eyes and came out of the coma.she is now drug free and has her children back.I was trying very hard at that time to quit meth and I believe that with that very rosary Mary intervened on my behalf for me to be free also.All I can say is that Jesus took my hand and led me out of that darkness.He sent me many little miracles during that time and I felt his presence like I have never felt before.I and my husband have been clean now for over 3 yrs.Recently with the intercession of Mary my husband has found work after 1 yr of unemployment.My brother in law is beating his esophagus cancer.My good friend who had rejected Jesus has now come back into the fold.My best friends fathers lymphoma treatment is working very well and quickly.Praise be to God the Father Almighty for hearing my prayers.I will never stop propigating and praying this wonderful, powerful prayer.
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