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Grandfather's Inspiration

Postby cyclonevet » Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:01 am

My Grandfather, Claude Legatt, was a man who always worked with his hands. He spent his younger days milking cows on his central Minnesota dairy farm and working the soil to grow crops. After his retirement in the '80's, he had a large garden to keep him occupied in the summer. In the winter, he started making rosaries for the missions. I lived very close to my grandparents, and have many memories of praying the rosary in the evening with them and of my grandfather's large, work-worn hands making rosaries at the little card table in the corner. Over the years, he made us grandchildren rosaries for our special occasions--first communions, confirmations, etc. I keep my mother-of-pearl rosary close to me always.

During his last days, I was helping clean out his apartment and came across his box full of rosary making supplies. I found coutless broken rosaries people gave him for repair, little jam jars of loose beads of every shape, size, and color, his rosary-making pliers which spent coutless hours in his hands, and every single OLRM newletter he received over the years. He also kept every invoice of his orders, and made notations in the catalogs of things he liked. I feel like I am looking at an artistic side of him I had not noticed before.

Claude Legatt passed away on October 25th, 2009 at the age of 92. I don't know if OLRM kept an iventory of all his rosaries, but I would be interested in his contributions if they are known.

I felt inspired when I found his rosary box. I started sorting beads and rosaries. I read the "How-To" book that I'm sure he learned from. I hold his pliers in my hand and feel connected to him always.

So here I am, making rosaries! Only God knows where it will lead!

Thanks for reading my story.
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Postby Karen » Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:04 pm

That's a lovely story of your grandfather, thank you for sharing it. If he really did keep all of his OLRM invoices you could go through them all and count up how many packs of rosary supplies he ordered, and that should give you a good estimate of the number of rosaries he gave away to the missions.

Best wishes to you in your new "career" as a rosary maker!
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