Caught In the Act

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Caught In the Act

Postby Karen » Tue Aug 19, 2014 10:36 pm

My part time job cleaning the church, restrooms, social hall, and religious education classrooms pays only a little above minimum wage, and I could make much more money cleaning houses. But there's one HUGE benefit to this job, that I don't have in the two houses I clean. I'm working in the same building where Jesus – Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity – is hidden in the Tabernacle.

Before starting to work I kneel before the Tabernacle and say hello to Jesus. And when I finish work I return to the Tabernacle and pray the rosary. During my after-work time I'm almost always the only human in the building, so when I'm alone with Jesus I recite the rosary out loud.

Well this afternoon, after praying five decades out loud, I got up and was leaving church when I noticed the floral decorations that had been up near the altar were on the choir seats. Odd that I hadn't noticed them there when I vacuumed.

Then I left the "church" part of the building and – oh no – there was car a parked by an outside door. One of the volunteers in charge of decorating the church had come in and had taken down decorations, and I hadn't noticed, for I'd been praying out loud in front of Jesus.

Well I suppose if someone "sneaks up on you" it's better to be caught praying the rosary, than many other things I could have been doing. But, those outside doors make quite a clang when they open and close, so it might not seem so good that an employee doesn't know when someone else comes in.

I suppose I should pray more softly from now on – I'm sure Jesus has excellent hearing, so I don't need to carry on so loudly, as if I'm leading the rosary recited by a church full of angels.

P.S. – I'm assuming the decorating volunteer was in the storage room when I left, so I didn't have to face her after being a nitwit and not realizing she'd been working a few feet from where I'd been.

(The Tabernacle is off to the side of the church, so I had my back to the altar as I prayed.)
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Re: Caught In the Act

Postby Maire » Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:45 pm

Karen, I'm so happy for you. What a dream job!
Your story made me smile. I believe you WERE leading many angels in praying Rosary that day... many beautiful, invisible angels praying with you, adoring Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.
To walk in on someone loudly praying in a church must bring a certain happiness to the other person. If it were me, I would have joined you in Rosary prayers (though silently, not wanting to startle you)!
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