Lenten Rosary Making

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Lenten Rosary Making

Postby Karen » Fri Mar 07, 2014 9:50 am

I'm having a bland, discouraging Lent.

I can't really "give up" anything because money is tight, and much of what I eat comes out of charity food boxes, so life is already down to the basics.

Since I'm often feeling stressed and overwhelmed (it really is okay to use my dwindling savings for car repairs) I don't want to plan on doing "extra" good deeds, for I might not feel up to doing them.

So my tiny lenten plan is to make a few more rosaries. I already own the parts, and its not too much effort to urge myself to pick up my pliers and work on a portion of a rosary. Then habit kicks in and I can keep working without realizing I'm still working.

For a while I've been neglecting my rosary making, but thank goodness the decades of chaining rosary decades has made this good habit easy to fall back into.
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