I'm Now a Rosary Rescuer

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I'm Now a Rosary Rescuer

Postby Karen » Thu May 09, 2013 4:00 pm

I've just begun a new career -- that of a Rosary Rescuer.

Today I received a box containing 300 wire rosaries, made by an older lady, who may have had vision or other difficulties. My cost was $12 for postage (I was charged $11.20 for "three bags full" of rosaries, but thought it only fair to give a little extra for the dear lady who is trying to find homes for these rosaries.)

Since I'm only working part time, and most of my income must go for rent, it's a blessing to receive so many "starter" rosaries for only the cost of the postage.

They are in a rainbow of colors, and instead of separating the "Hail Mary" beads from the "Our Father" beads with three links of chain, the lady used larger "Our Father" beads, which is something I never thought of doing.

The bows on the centers and crucifixes are pretty sloppy, and I'll probably replace them. Some of the wires holding the beads together may have to be replaced. And I'll have to count all of the beads because there may not be enough of them. But I'll be doing an important mission. Some dear soul made hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of rosaries that aren't good enough to send out. And I'll be adding my nibbler fingers and better eyesight to her love of rosary making, and will get these rosaries into loving hands yearning for a means to pray Our Lady's prayer.

The lady who is trying to find "Rosary Rescuers" never met the lady who made them, and doesn't know so many were made and never given away. Now she feels burdened with the responsibility of finding people to repair these rosaries.

As I repair these rosaries I'll pray for the lady who made them, and for all those who will be receiving them. I'm sure these rosaries will be specially blessed, for all the people who had a hand in getting them out into the world.

Can you help with this special mission, by taking one or more bags containing 100 rosaries in need of TLC and repair? Go to the General Questions section, click on "Wire Rosaries in need of Repair - Please HELP" and get the email address for the lady who is storing these rosaries.

Please join the ranks of Rosary Rescuers. It's an interesting, and important, job.
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Re: I'm Now a Rosary Rescuer

Postby Deacon Dr Bill » Wed May 22, 2013 9:38 pm

I have added a lot of my Rosaries to the ones I got to repair. I have been repairing them in bunches of 100. I should have them shipped out by the end of May. It is wonderful to be able to repair these and send them to missions. With the ones I added I will be sending out 2,000 wire Rosaries.
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