rosary-making demo in a public school class

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rosary-making demo in a public school class

Postby annemarie » Thu Aug 14, 2008 7:08 pm

My oldest daughter was never afraid to talk about or clarify our faith to her non-Catholic peers and teachers at the public high school she attended.

One day she had to give a three minute demonstration on anything of her choice to her public speaking class. At the time she enjoyed making cord rosaries, so she gathered her cords and some beaded rosaries and showed the class how to make rosaries. As she gave her demonstration, she explained how the rosary is a scriptual prayer, and explained how to pray it.

Well, the teacher and the entire class was mesmerized by her demonstration. The questions kept coming about how to tie the knots, and how to say the prayers. One Baptist student was in awe that that mysterious rosary was not the evil Catholic thing that she had been taught it was.

Another student, a very large, tough girl from a messy, tough family background was especially touched by the demonstration. She said she had seen rosaries at her Grandmother's house when she was little, and never knew how they were used. She put a rosary around her neck and wore it proudly all day long. Then, later that day she approached my daughter at lunch and asked her to write down the prayers for her because she couldn't remember them and wanted to pray the rosary that night.

The non-Catholic teacher was fascinated with the rosary demo and allowed my daughter to take up almost all the class time - way beyond the allowed three minutes.

One boy who was very shy came to the front of the classroom to get a closer look at how to make the knots. He, too, was moved by the rosary demo.

I was very proud that my daughter did not feel any politically-correct hesitations in her decision to make rosary-making her demonstration in an arena where people tend to tippy-toe around, not wanting to offend others.
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Postby rosemarie » Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:06 pm

Thank you so much for sharing this. I was proud of you daughter, too, after reading this. It gives one hope for the future of the church.
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Postby annemarie » Fri Aug 15, 2008 7:18 pm

Thank you for your kind words. This daughter, Julie, is now 22 years old and is still a great, ummmm, clarifier of our faith. She used to crack me up when she was in high school and had the nick name of "church-girl". Don't get me wrong - she was very well loved and respected by her teachers and peers and was never hastled about her faith. Any teasing she got was not done in a mean-spirited way and she laughed along with her friends who called her that.

When she was a freshman she "corrected" the teacher when he began the unit on the Protestant Revolution by asking him if he meant the Protestant REVOLT. Oh my goodness. He got the hugest kick out of that and told the entire staff. When a new teacher joined the history staff he called my daughter to his room where he was with that new teacher and asked her to tell him what the "right" name for the reformation was. When she said it was the Protestant Revolt, the teachers laughed so hard. They LOVED that term and had never heard it before she introduced it to them. Oh, the stories I could tell...
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