Our Six-Year Journey

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Our Six-Year Journey

Postby BeadsOfPeace » Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:26 am

I wanted to make sure we were completed finished before I told you about our six-year journey. Normally we do not publicize what we do -- all of our work is for the Glory of God and we take it to the "secret room" and do not dwell on it to others. But we wanted to share that ANYTHING can be done if you stick to it and keep your eyes focused on Jesus.

Our story began six years ago with a "feeling" (an we know from WHOM that came!) that we needed to send a box of 50 pro-life Rosaries to every single diocese in the United States. At the time we came up with the idea, a picture formed of a Rosary constructed with pink-blue-pink-blue-pin-blue beading. It wasn't to categorize the baby in the womb but to force people to realize there was a little miniature person in there that did not deserve to be murdered. We began on that day and just now finished the last shipment to the last diocese. Over the past six years we have made over 10,000 pro-life Rosaries which we have sent to the bishops of each diocese, with no stipulation or obligation as to how they are handed out, whether to be used by prayer warriors outside abortuaries, given to expectant mothers, or to someone who carries the agony of their actions.

Some amazing things have happened. One of the first was that we received a call from a priest in (I'll leave the state blank) who asked if there was ANY possibility of getting 500 more, that he was leading a busload of soldiers (soldiers against abortion) to go to Washington DC on the anniversary of when baby murder became "legal" in the US and he wanted to hand them out as they were protesting on the steps of the supreme court. Needless to say, we found emergency Rosary makers and were able to overnight them to him! I will mention also that there were three other states (at least that we are aware of) that adopted the same model to be used in their pro-life activities in the diocesan offices.

Many times when you send Rosaries we don't know the ultimate destination of the Rosary, into whose hands, or whether they served their purpose. BUT, we do not NEED to know ---- God knows all and the moment the package leaves our hands and into the hands of the postal clerk, it is COMPLETELY in HIS Hands! Although we have never followed up on any package we sent, it was reassuring to know that what we helped do for the Glory of God and Our Mother, maybe, just maybe, changed someone's life and maybe, just maybe, saved the life of a baby.

The only reason we relate this story to you is to urge you at all cost, at all discomfort, and even if it means to use your last penny, that sending Rosaries out is the most important thing. Making them is not as important as sending them!
"The only things we take with us from our life on earth are those which we have given away."
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A Beautiful Journey

Postby janice stolle » Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:16 pm

Your journey with the rosaries to every Diocese is truly a work of the Lord and His Blessed Mother. Surely you have wiped away many tears that our Mother sheds over the ignorance of others.

I am sure the babies are happy little ones too!

God Bless you.
Janice Stolle
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