finishing off the ends

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finishing off the ends

Postby Marys Helper » Sun May 02, 2010 1:30 pm

We were having a discussion in the formaldehyde thread about finishing off the ends, but it was getting to be a long thread so I'll start a new one here.

This is something that I thought of that would leave me with only 2 ends to finish off instead of 4.

I'm only able to do this on the very first bead in the beginning and also the first bead on the short part with the crucifix.

After i make my first knot, I cut the twine down to a little smaller than the length of the bead (as shown in the picture). I cut it at an angle to make it easier to work with. Then I apply the nail polish. After the polish is dry, I slide that first bead over both the long and that little piece. It completely hides the twine and is nice and secure.

I usually do about 10 at a time.

We were also discussing finishing off the ends. How does everyone finish off their ends to make it secure without having that unsightly little stub?

At least with this way, I only have to worry about finishing off 2 ends.


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all my secrets

Postby Dr Bill » Wed May 05, 2010 8:01 pm

I probably have the most unique way of taking care of the ends of cord. I have a hanger that you put over the top of a door to hang cloths on. I bent it in half so there is a hanger on each side and I drape in over the trapeze bar on my bed. Then I can coat clear varnish on the ends and drape them on the hanger until dry then I trim the ends with a sharp scissors. I can do about 100 at a time that way. :D


Most of you are not on a hospital bed with a trapeze. :D I wish I could get out but am nursing a couple pressure sores. I sit all day and make rosaries. I made 1000 in the last 40 days.

I drape 100-200 twine at a time and put fingernail polish on one end. I like the polish because I can see where the twine is on the beads. I do the fingernail polish outside so it doesn’t stink up the house and I don’t have to breathe the fumes. When they dry I wind the up and put them 4 at a time on a piece of parchment that way I can put them in a plastic container with 100 twine and use them while in my bed.


I have low vision and kind of cheat at beading. I use the mission beads and put a bunch in the palm of my hand. They line up in the creases of my palm and I can put 3 to 4 beads on the twine at a time, cuts the beading time. :D

I use containers from the $1 store to hold the beads I'm using.


I also made a holder for my twine so the spool don't jump around.


I kind of gave all my secrets away. :D

I just found out the $1 stores are going out of business :x
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Cord ends

Postby rose59 » Sun May 16, 2010 4:46 pm

I swear by my woodburning tool. It has an angled end that-with practice-will finish of the ends perfectly.

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finishing off knots

Postby franzola » Mon Jun 28, 2010 6:20 am

I use unbonded and cut up a spool at one time, which makes approximately 600 lenghts. I dip the ends in varnish to stiffen them up to be able to thread beads. The reason I don't like the bonded is that it makes my fingers sore. I just found a new way to finish off the knots so they won't loosen. I use elmers glue or equivalent from the dollar store, then I dump the whole container in a small jar and add a small amount of water to make the glue more liquidy (about 1/4 of the glue container of water) then I mix well and pour back some into the glue bottle and then lay the rosaries out on a sheet of foil, and drop drops of glue onto each knot. let them dry overnite and then clip then in the AM with a sharp toenail clipper.
They NEVER come loose. Someone told me to always secure knots as they do come loose in time if not secured. Nail polish gets very expensive when making hundreds of rosaries and glue is really cheap, and does hundreds.
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Postby lissablair » Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:46 pm

I'll be honest, I usually cut the excess thread pretty darn close to the knot (within 1/8" to 1/16") and use a lighter to melt the end, and then press it up against the knot, sealing it to it. I've tried doing it many different ways, and I just think that this is the fastest one for me.

That being said, I don't use white cord, I use the gold or tan color that is usually requested for military rosaries, so the faint discoloration from melting doesn't show the way it would if you used white.
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Re: finishing off the ends

Postby PA7810 » Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:26 am

I do the same thing as the original poster but instead of cutting off the cord and using varnish I just string the bead through two pieces of cord and then cut the shorter end of the chord close to the bead and make the second knot. I use bonded chord
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Cord Rosaries - Finishing off ends

Postby Nancy Ellison » Sat Sep 18, 2010 4:11 pm

I have Elmered gluded them, used nail polish on them but I now use a
Knit Picker to pull the ends through 3-4 beads. Sometimes depending upon
the space I have allowed between the decades, I may put nail polish or glue on the ends.
To begin I cut several cord lengths and always put nail polish on one end of each cord rosary length and use that end for beading, esp. if I am using
unbonded cord.

However, my question is is there any better way to handle the cord ends??
Nancy Ellison
Nancy Ellison
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Finishing off the ends

Postby David » Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:45 am

On colored cording I use Craft Bond, by Elmers.

On white cording I use regular Elmers.

The best, and IMHO, the least smelly and toxic.

A little drop on the crucifix knot and a drop on the Hail Holy Queen knot.

After drying overnight, each are dropped into clear, poly zip 3" x 3" bags, for easy distribution.

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