Length of Cord for #36 all twine rosaries

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Length of Cord for #36 all twine rosaries

Postby FJ_JJ » Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:14 pm


I am looking to make an all twine knotted rosary with #36 twine. How long of a piece of cord should you start with? I have seen some instructionss that say 20 feet, but that seems like too much. Can you help? Thanks!
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Re: Length of Cord for #36 all twine rosaries

Postby Maire » Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:25 am

If this is your first all-knotted cord rosary, I would use the full 19-20 feet that Rosary Army recommends. It does seem like a large amount, but the knots use up a lot of cord. Once you know how it works out with your individual tension and spacing, you could reduce to 18 feet for your next rosary. (I found that 17 feet is enough for me, but my spaces between knots may be tighter than yours will be.) It's not wasteful to use a little extra cord at the beginning. If you use less and then do not have enough to complete the rosary, you will have lost 15 feet of cord PLUS some valuable time and effort. Best to start with 20 feet!

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