Finger Protection while making rosaries

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Finger Protection while making rosaries

Postby David » Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:25 am

Having made thousands and thousands of rosaries over the years, the old fingertips are showing some wear, especially lately. The colored cording (particually the brown) is fairly rough on the hands and fingers.

What I have been doing lately is using latex or plastic 'finger cots' (it's like plastic gloves, but only covering the fingers). Just roll them on to whatever fingers you wish.

This really helps save the old digits. The finger cots can be purchased in many places and are very inexpensive. I use the large and extra large cots that fit nicely for me. They seem to work very well. Finding your own size ultimately will be up to the individual obviously. It's a matter of fit.

Hope this helps people out there looking for finger relief.

Happy rosary making.

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