Warm Greetings From The Sunshine State

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Warm Greetings From The Sunshine State

Postby AintMzBeaHaven » Sun Apr 17, 2011 1:20 am

Hi All,

Im new to the discussion group. I have been a member of OLRM on & off for a several years. I was wondering if there is any one from "Central Florida Area" that is in a guild or wanting to be in one. I live in Orange City and there isn't one around here :-(

I make chain Rosaries but will be placing an order next month for my first cord kit. Any sujestions or tips. :?:

Im disabled & im hoping that making Rosaries can help keep my mind posative. & know making them with others would be very nice. 8)

GOD Bless,
Bea :D
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Postby Karen » Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:13 pm

Dear Bea,

Sorry, I don't live in Florida, and I don't know anything about making cord rosaries. But I want to say welcome to the forum. May you be blessed for your efforts to help others through spreading devotion to Our Mother Mary's rosaries.
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Postby StLudmillasJoy » Tue Apr 19, 2011 8:41 am

I don't live in FL, but my family and I make cord rosaries. They are pretty easy to learn - my kids picked it up rather quickly.
One suggestion I might have is, if you find the knots tough to learn at first, you may want to use spacers instead of knots between the Hail Mary and Pater beads. My 5 year old cannot get the hang of the knots yet, so I make her kits with spacer beads in them. We didn't care for the look of the nylon spacers, so we picked up some 6mm plastic faceted beads at WalMart and she uses those. The finished product looks really great and the only knots we need with hers are those at the crucifix and at the center.
I've found the cord tool SO easy for making the barrel knots! I learned them by wrapping around my fingers - the tool is much quicker! And it's much nicer on the hands with the bonded cord, which can be irritating if you're making several rosaries at a time.
My prayers to you in your efforts on behalf of Our Lady. May she and The Lord pour out many blessings on you in your work!
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