Hi from SW Missouri

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Hi from SW Missouri

Postby swmissourigal » Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:44 pm

I've been making the cord Rosaries for a couple of years. I have everything I need to make the wire Rosaries but cannot seem to get the hang of it. I've got the video showing how to make them but that's not seeming to help either. My eyesight don't help either :)
I enjoy it. Hope to meet some nice people here. Looks like a great site.
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Postby Karen » Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:47 pm

Well Sandy it may be that your eyesight problems will keep you from making wire rosaries. (I've never made a cord rosary, but I believe they may be easier to make.)

I'll offer one suggestion that may be of help with the wire rosaries. Put on some good music, or perhaps turn on a good Christian television show. Then let part of your mind think of something else while you are making rosaries. Sometimes we think too much about all the steps in doing something new and difficult, and that hinders our ability to relax and let our hands do what we've been training them to do.

Way back in 1978 (I believe that's the right year) I was a novice wire rosary maker and just couldn't get the chain to "twist" properly. I was off work on the day the Funeral Mass of Pope Paul VI was being televised, and I decided to watch while I slowly and carefully tried to make a few links of practice chain. I got so caught up in listening and watching the Mass that after it was over I was amazed to see that I had made several feet of good rosary chain! My hands knew what to do if I didn't think so much about how hard it was.

Best wishes on your rosary making. Both cord and wire rosaries are a beautiful gift for those who want to honor Our Lady with their prayers.

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wire vs. cord rosaries

Postby malcido » Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:54 pm

I am also finding that getting the hang of the wire rosaries is very difficult. I've been making twine rosaries with knots instead of beads for a few years and find it so peaceful. I like the idea to put on music or tv to sort of separate myself from the task a little bit. I think I will take my wire rosary kit off of the shelf and give it another try this evening.
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