Any preference for mixed versus consistent designs?

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Any preference for mixed versus consistent designs?

Postby JerryS » Mon May 23, 2011 9:39 pm


I'm new to this and had a question. Do the missions have a preference for all the rosaries in a shipment having the same color/design? Or, are shipments of mixed color/designs OK? I don't mean single rosaries having mixed colors, but rather, the different rosaries in the shipment having different colors. From the missions' perspective, I can see advantages of both alternatives. Or, perhaps they're grateful for whatever can be sent.

Thanks for any guidance.
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Postby Karen » Wed May 25, 2011 6:07 pm

Hello Jerry S

When a mission is listed with Our Lady's Rosary Makers as wanting rosaries it is hoped that hundreds of different people will respond and send rosaries. Every shipment will contain different colors and styles of rosaries, so the missionaries will get a mixture. I don't see how it will make a difference if one person sends different colors or styles since there will already be a mixture from other sources.

For years I've only made rosaries with black beads. I believe that other rosary makers will be sending bright colors to those who want them, but there will always be some who want a plain dark color. I make what I prefer, and assume others will be filling the need for other colors that may be wanted.

I hope this long post is of help to you.
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