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Ransoming a Rosary

PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2010 5:35 pm
by Karen
I recently began working at a jewelry store, and we buy used gold and sterling silver items, which are resold to a company that melts everything down.

A few weeks ago a local policeman called to ask if we had purchased a silver and diamond necklace, which had been stolen. I looked through our bag of scrap silver and didn't find the stolen necklace, but I did find evidence of another crime. At least it was a crime in my eyes. Tangled up with several chains was a beautiful sterling silver rosary.

Oh, how that broke my heart. I untangled that rosary, dipped it in silver cleaner to bring back its luster, and told the store manager I wanted to buy it. I purchased it for $4.00, which was 15% over what the store paid for the "scrap silver".

I don't need a personal rosary, for I have my old First Communion rosary, plus my deceased parents rosaries. It doesn't seem quite fair to put it in with a shipment of mission rosaries, so I'm not sure what will become of my rescued rosary, but I'll find it a good home.

Four dollars is quite a bargain for a silver rosary, but since I'm paying my bills on part time wages, after a period of unemployment, the amount put a sizable dent in my weekly grocery budget. I thought of how all over the world Bad Things are happening to Holy Objects. I felt overwhelmed at the idea, but then I decided that I'm not called to right all the world's wrongs, but I did the right thing to ransom the one rosary I found in the bag of scrap silver.

Money's tight right now, but I'll keep making and distributing mission rosaries. I stumble and fall, and I get discouraged, but I keep doing my little bit of good in the world. I keep thinking of my ransomed silver rosary. I'm not sure where I got the idea of "ransom" but it seems to fit with rosary. I wonder--has any of my mission rosaries ever "ransomed" a struggling soul away from Satan's grip?

It's a possibility. For some reason ransom and rosary just seem to fit together.

PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2010 4:56 pm
by maryann
Karen it's so nice that you were able to rescue that rosary & save it from being melted down.

Good for you especially in this economy.

Keep them in an air tight container as they will tarnish if not. Of course you probably already know that working with jewelry.

Enjoy them!

PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, 2010 3:20 pm
by Karen
This week I put my silver rosary in an OLRM tapestry rosary case (with an added silver cloth lining to prevent tarnishing) and donated it to my church's Chinese Auction. I asked Mary to see to it that the rosary finds a good home.

It is a pretty rosary, and it was tempting to keep it, but I still have my First Communian rosary, plus the rosaries owned by my deceased Mother and Father. (Plus of course a varying number of mission rosaries.) I should be able to pray any number of decades of Hail Marys without the ransomed silver rosary.