Oldest Chinese cleric died in his sleep at 110

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Oldest Chinese cleric died in his sleep at 110

Postby ClaireTinBuffalo » Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:03 pm

From “The Anglican Journal” -- link below

“Priest prayed rosary 15-20 times daily
Oldest Chinese cleric died in his sleep at 110

Feb 1, 2008
Hong Kong
Trappist priest Rev. Nicholas Kao Se-Tsien, Hong Kong’s oldest man, who recited the rosary devotion 15 times a day for world peace every day from 1932, has died at the age of 110.”

http://www.anglicanjournal.com/issues/2 ... mes-daily/

It reminds me a little of my dad's Uncle Paul. After the 10 p.m. news every night, he and his wife, Mary, would sit in their armchairs in the living room and recite the rosary. On the night he died, at the age of 92, he had just gotten to the first Hail Mary. He said, "Hail Mary --" then leapt to his feet and fell to the carpet, dead.

I was in college in Minnesota at that point, and when I came over to comfort my Great-Aunt Mary, she took great comfort in the fact that Paul had been saying the rosary when he died. She clutched my arm and smiled through her tears, "God knew just where to find Paul when He wanted to take him home. He knew that at 10:30 every night Paul would be right there in that chair with his rosary."

My only question, about the good Fr. Se-Tsien, is - did he say all 20 decades 20 times a day, or "only" say all 20 decades a day? The article is a little vague on the point. But a terrific article! Good rest your good soul, Fr. Se-Tsien!
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