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Postby OLRM » Tue Jul 24, 2007 2:42 pm

OLRM Rosary Discussion is a member moderated forum for rosary makers throughout the world.

First a little about Our Lady's Rosary Makers.

For nearly 60 years OLRM has provided the world's rosary makers with the supplies, training, and support to supply The Faithful with a steady supply of rosaries.

In 1949 Br. Sylvan Mattlingly began teaching groups around the world to make rosaries for the world's Catholic missionaries. Inspired by Our Lady's message at Fatima, and Father Peyton's rosary crusades, Br. Sylvan thought; where will all these rosaries come from?

He made it his mission to teach lay people to make inexpensive rosaries that could be given away for free to missionaries throughout the world. Thousands have joined in this rosary making apostolate and today members of OLRM annually make and distribute approximately 7 million rosaries throughout the world.

OLRM Rosary Discussion Forum

This forum is provided by OLRM as an avenue for the world's rosary makers to communicate with each other and OLRM. You do not need to be a member of OLRM to participate in this community.

While OLRM provides the hosting of this site, our staff can't always be here to moderate. We'll do the best we can to check in as much as possible, but with nearly 20,000 members and 200+ orders being processed each day we can't guarantee to make it here everyday.

We leave it up to our members to come up with topics and answer most questions. A small group of members have been selected as moderators to keep the board running smoothly. We trust they will serve you well.

Questions for OLRM

If you have specific questions for OLRM staff, feel free to contact us through our Member Service Center. If you're not a member, but are a rosary maker, or are simply interested in helping to fulfill Our Lady's request at Fatima, please check us out at www.olrm.org.

We hope you find this to be an informative and enjoyable addition to the services OLRM provides.
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